Informing the Community Through Art

Afro-Latino artists were significantly affected by the ravages of the pandemic. The closure of spaces and the cancellation of artistic presentations caused by the arrival of COVID-19 generated devastating unemployment among the community of artists that practically, from one day to the next, were left without income. As in many other cities, Latino artists in Seattle suffered the severe economic blow caused by the pandemic, but one group was particularly affected: Afro-Latino artists, a minority within a minority.

In response to this crisis, the organization MÁS, Movimiento Afro-Latino Seattle, created spaces for virtual conversations to find solutions that could help Afro-Latino artists continue performing and showing their art and culture without having to expose themselves or others to the virus.  MÁS then mobilized to seek funding. And thanks to funds they received from the WA State Department of Health, they were able to finance artists who created and produced songs with traditional Latin American rhythms to virtually promote educational messages about COVID-19 and the vaccine, informing the community through art.

Vaccinating Youth

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