Professionals Giving Back to the Community

The Coronavirus arrived and spread alarmingly and dangerously. The lack of information and understanding of the virus made the pandemic more challenging to cope with, especially for immigrants whose first language is not English, like many Latino community members.

The Hispanic Business and Professional Association of Spokane, dedicated to supporting Latino students and promoting entrepreneurship, decided to use its members’ talent and human resources to help the Spokane Latino community face the pandemic. So, students, doctors, business owners, and other professionals organized themselves to inform and guide the Latino community in searching for resources to mitigate the onslaught of the pandemic.

Thanks to funds provided by the WA State Department of Health, HBPA members have been able to bring the COVID-19 vaccine to the homes and businesses of those who, for some reason, cannot or do not know how to obtain it. In addition, they have established a food bank that provides groceries to those in need.

With this initiative, HBPA is helping mitigate the impact of the pandemic while giving back to their community.

Vaccinating Youth

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